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Vienna night-time Surprise Proposal

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I have photographed 4 surprise proposals the last 2 months and love how men are thinking about having the actual proposal photographed these days. I always allow time for a casual portrait session after the actual proposal which is always  full of smiles, tears, giggles, romance and so real to the moment than any other engagement session can be. She always wants to know who else knew he was going to propose; ‘did you ask my dad, what did so and so say, oh! that is why my best friend was asking me that’; and then comments about the ring, how it was bought, how he had to hide it from her during their travels to Vienna, and occasionally how it nearly got lost!

This was no exception, Jeremy and Pam traveled from Brussels, where they are currently based, to attend a Viennese ball, Pam’s biggest dream. I agreed with Jeremy that before the ball would be a good time, as they would both be dressed up and be able to celebrate after at the ball. Pam literally screamed and threw her arms up in the air when he proposed, shed some tears, hugged him endlessly and everyone around clapped. ‘Twas indeed another special night and emotional moment for me to capture– with my lens.

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