Persian wedding at Palais Ferstel

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This was the first time I ever witnessed and photographed a Persian wedding. All I remember was dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. In fact all they do is dance! It was such a great atmosphere and vibe throughout the day and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I met with Farnusch and Pedram early in the year and warmed to them immediately, they are such a lovely couple and we all got along great.  We met up again a few months later for an engagement shoot and talked about their day. Their wedding day started  with the civil ceremony in the morning which took place in a lovely huge garden, followed by a traditional Persian ceremony and then dancing, lots and lots of dancing. There was a break in the day so we met in the city to take some portraits — then headed to the Palais Ferstel where 250 guests awaited them for, you guessed, more dancing. The rest of the evening was enjoyed with a buffet dinner, dancing, speeches, dancing, cake, the knife dance, bouquet toss, and more dancing. What a fantastic celebration!